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Convenient 10-piece set for cutting soft and hard corals.
-Quality stainless steel tools for easy and successful coral cutting

Offers a convenient and economical solution to spread soft or hard corals.
Assortment of precise, sharp cutting tools to reduce damage to corals , while tweezers and forceps allow for precise positioning and manipulation of corals. Includes plush lining, leather pouch with elastic band to hold tools for easy transport and storage.

Kit includes:-5.5" Hard Coral Cutter
-4.5" Hard Coral Cutter - 5.5" Hard Coral Cutter
-5.5" Surgical scissors with straight edge
-4.5" Surgical scissors with straight edge
-6" Tweezers with cape grip
-4.75" Tweezers with fine grip
- 6" Large scalpel
-6" Double Ended Probe
- 5.5" Fine Scalpel
- 5" Scalpel with 11 available sterile surgical blades.
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