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A new lighting concept in the marine aquarium from ARCADIA, OT2 LED combines the high efficiency and uniformity of T5 lighting with high efficiency LED panels that create light and shade in the aquarium, giving a naturalistic ripple effect that usually only HQI can give.

Separate T5 and LED efficiency control.

LED provides ripple graphics.

The LED panel has two separate LED groups, deep blue with a peak spectrum of 450nm, and pale white selected for a light spectrum above 8000K. Each group can be selected separately, allowing control over the overall color mixing of the LEDs. The LED panel also has a very long lifespan and should last beyond five years in normal use.

This level of control is carried over to the T5, with six lamps which are controlled in two groups, one group of four lamps, one group of two, allowing the combination of white and blue fluorescent lamp to be adjusted to suit the user's needs.

When combined with the new ARCADIA control and intensity reduction unit with the OT2 LED it allows control of light levels and colour intensity within the aquarium. The controller allows automatic simulation of dawn and dusk, moonlight cycles, random cloud cover, etc.

Another advantage of the dimmer is the reduction of energy consumption, The T5 and LED uses the amount of energy proportional to the selected of the dimmer, thus reducing the efficiency of T5 lamps by 20% will reduce their energy consumption by about 20%. Obviously, the amount of light your aquarium requires will depend on the size and depth of the tank and the types of corals you are trying to maintain - for more details and advice on marine aquarium lighting, visit the ARCADIA website.

The OT2 LED also radiates very little heat into the aquarium - the reason why the LED and T5 bulbs don't heat is due to the lamp's heat sink which heats the air above the lamp, not the aquarium. Compared to aquariums that are lit with HQI lamps, there is a noticeable reduction in aquarium heating, which will have a corresponding impact on the energy consumption of the integrated cooling unit.


T5 Lamps

LED lamps



6 x 80w T5

32 PCS



6 x 54w T5




6 x 80w T5




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