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Lamp with T5 bulb ready for use, suitable for birds. When the birds are in underground and do not see the sunlight they are unable to assimilate calcium due to vitamin D3 deficiencies, this lamp provides it.

Additional advantages of a special lamp for birds:

-Birds see more colors than the human eye, with simple lights they cannot see

The birds can't see these colours with ordinary light bulbs, which affects mating.

-With these lights you can control day and night to have full control of the birds.

without the birds being affected by erratic weather changes

that send the wrong signals to their biological system causing them to leave the nests or

change plumage out of the weather.

T5 UVB Kit, Bird, 2.4% UVB, 54 watts

Placement and breeding kit
Fitting and reflector
High CRI
T5 high light output technology
Extremely natural colours
Provides natural visual appearance
Provides basic ultraviolet radiation
●Powerful bones
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