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10.5x7.5x18.5cm  / 470ml

Brine shrimp are among the most hardy and interesting life forms. Aquarium hoppers appreciate the high nutritional value of Artemia for feeding their fish, especially the new hatchlings, when given Artemia as food it helps to develop their colors. In addition, the easy and continuous supply of clean live food is very important for fish reproduction.

The Artemia Breeder facilitates the breeding of artemia nauplii. Its special design ensures gentle agitation of artemia eggs and hatchlings without allowing them to be deposited in dead corners. The hatching result is a high, optimal hatching rate.
At 24 ° C. The nauplii - what is called juvenile artemia - will hatch in 24 - 36 hours, at 20 ° C after 30 - 40 hours. The egg separator separates the empty eggshells from the hatching ones.

The reddish young artemia will end up in the bottom of the Artemia Breeder and can be easily removed with the food dropper through the opening in the cover to be given as food.

The Artemia Breeder requires an aquarium air pump, e.g. Bubble Air Pump 100.
Also suitable for professionals.


  • Artemia Breeder with cover and cover opening
  • Breeder Breeder with an opening opening for the breeder with an opening
  • bracket for aquarium installation
  • accessory bag for air supply kit with hose adapter and couplers, PVC tubing, aeration stone, air hose, rubber stopper,
  • dropper for feeding
  • spoon dispenser for salt
  • spoon dispenser for the eggs for the artemisia
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