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This hamster cage features an undeniably original design with decorative themes and colourful stickers that can be used to customise it as you prefer. The habitat will intrigue and stimulate their imagination, involving them in the care of the living animal that combines fun and play:

Inside, the environment is divided into two levels, equipped with a plastic shelf accessible via a convenient staircase, which can be used as a further relaxation area for the hamster. Comfortable for the animal, the Dragster is complete with accessories such as a shed, ladder, watering trough, feeder, house and exercise wheel. It is made of durable wire mesh, perfect for housing small rodents. It has a high plastic bottom to hold dirt, preventing them from escaping their cage and staining the outside.

The Dragster is practical to manage: on the roof, you'll find a hatch that can be opened to allow for daily maintenance tasks, equipped with a safety hook to prevent accidental spills. For a more thorough cleaning, it is possible to completely separate the bottom and the roof by releasing the side clips.

Thanks to its structure the cage has the possibility to be connected to tubes or other housing units for rodents: you can further expand the available space to the animal.

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