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CALCIO+ is a high-quality nutritional supplement, developed in collaboration with veterinarians, nutritionists, scientists, and prominent breeders. This food supplement contains 10% calcium in a form that can be optimally absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract of the bird.

The absorption of calcium through the diet is largely dependent on the form in which the calcium is presented. Calcio+ has a combination of 4 high-quality calcium sources (calcium lactate, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, and calcium carbonate). Inadequate absorption of calcium through the diet results in the body getting the necessary calcium from the skeleton, making the bird's bones brittle and easily broken. The addition of vitamin D3 (10,000 IU) improves the absorption of calcium into the gastrointestinal tract and the skeleton. Vitamin D is partly absorbed from food, it is also produced in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.

Therefore, it is important to add vitamin D for birds kept indoors as they do not have direct contact with sunlight. Thanks to its unique composition, CALCIO+ enhances the formation of good eggs and supports the skeletal structure. It is best distributed through, egg-laying, sprouted seeds, or fruits.

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