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Casita is a range of comfortable, spacious, attractive cages for guinea pigs and rabbits. This product range differs from the majority of other cages due to the height of the wire mesh structure, which is 20% greater, providing your pets with a very comfortable living space. Casitas are available in three sizes - 80, 100 and 120 - and are made with durable plastic with a painted wire mesh structure. The smaller Casita 80 model is suitable for guinea pigs and the larger Casita 100 and 120 models are ideal for rabbits.

The Casitas have a rounded roof that can be opened. The larger model is divided into two sections for practical reasons. All models come with accessories such as a hay feeder, a waterer, food bowl and a house that allows your little friend to easily climb on it. The sliding door can be opened, allowing your little pet to get in or out of the cage and roam freely around the house. This cage is very easy to clean: just open the roof and you can get to all the parts that need a more thorough cleaning. Thanks to the Save Space system, the Casita can be completely dismantled.

Important Note: Assembly Required.

To ensure safe delivery and prevent damages during transit, some of our pet products, including cages, dog houses, and cat scratching trees are not sent pre-assembled. When you receive your order, you will find the items carefully dismantled. Our customer support team is available to assist you with any questions during the assembly process.

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