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Replacement filters for the FERPLAST VEGA recycled water trough.

Vega is a cat fountain, which can also be used to quench the thirst of small dogs.

The uniqueness of this fountain for cats and dogs is the innovative spring effect with water movement that stimulates the animal's natural need to drink. The special rounded shape with ergonomic handle is very easy to use; the practical non-slip feet at the bottom guarantee the stability of the product. The Vega bowl has three different drinking points, one at the bottom and two at the top. Vega comes with an activated carbon filter for always clean and clear water. The pet fountain includes a low voltage (12V) pump with adjustable flow max 250 l/h and an adapter. The Vega is also easy to clean thanks to the possibility of removing the top part from the base.

Available as spare parts, you can purchase the set with two activated carbon filters, we recommend replacing them once a month.

The Vega, moreover, presents a surface with permanent antibacterial protection built into the material that effectively protects against the bacteria responsible for bad odours. The treatment contains a biocidal substance, zinc pyrithione, whose antibacterial action is long-lasting and does not wear off.

The contact of bacteria with the pet fountain is reduced by 99.99%, as certified by official laboratory tests.

Ferplast uses the innovative hygiene technology of Sanitized, a Swiss company, a leader in Europe with high antimicrobial expertise since 1935.

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