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'+/- 60x dia.5cm

Introducing the CT Fishing-Rod Toy, a delightful addition to any feline's toy collection. This innovative toy offers an interactive play experience that taps into a cat's natural hunting instincts, providing them with hours of entertainment and exercise.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the CAT Fishing-Rod Toy features a durable, lightweight fishing rod that is easy to handle. Attached to the end of the rod is a soft, colorful plush fish that moves and dangles in a realistic manner, mimicking the motion of a live fish. This lifelike movement triggers a cat's innate hunting instincts, encouraging them to pounce, swat and chase the fish.

The toy's compact size and portability make it perfect for on-the-go play, and its simple design ensures easy assembly and storage. The CAT Fishing-Rod Toy also offers an excellent opportunity for interactive playtime between cats and their owners, strengthening the bond between them.

Treat your feline friend to the CT Fishing-Rod Toy and watch as they enjoy endless hours of playful fun!

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