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Evolution dog collars combine technology, ease of use in current trends with a single product thanks to the vibrant colours available. Available in various sizes, they are ideal for animals of all sizes.

They are made of elastic material, both soft and durable, they have the inner band of polyester with a coating of soft PVC. This particular material has many strong points: non-toxic and hypoallergenic, washable with soapy water, anti-UV and resistant to low and high temperatures. It is also waterproof, which means it will be ideal for your rides even when it rains as it stays dry and dirt cannot settle on the fabric.

Another important feature of the Evolution collars is the Matic magnetic closure - a simple click and you're good to go! The revolutionary Matic technology, under Ferplast's exclusive patent, is already widely used in many harness lines and has now been applied to the collars to facilitate and speed up the hook release function.

Made from durable yet lightweight engineering plastic, it is equipped with two closure buttons to ensure complete product reliability while preventing accidental openings. This is also possible thanks to the presence of an internal metal clip, ensuring greater product robustness and excellent tensile strength

C16/32 A: 23-32cm - B: 16mm
C16/44 A: 23-32cm - B: 16mm
C25/56 A: 36-56cm - B: 25mm
C25/70 A: 45-70cm - B: 25m
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