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Smart Heating System (SHS) in which the heater has been equipped is a technology of intelligent power selection. It consists in adjusting the power of water heating to different sizes of the aquarium and the conditions prevailing in it. This allows the heater to work smoothly – without temperature jumps in the aquarium and exposing its inhabitants to stress. Thanks to this, the device also consumes only as much energy as is necessary to properly heat the tank. 

Safety and convenience 

The Flow Heater is equipped with electronic temperature sensors to protect the tank from overheating. When they detect the cessation of water flow – they automatically turn off the device. The heaters are manufactured in accordance with strict European safety standards, which ensures safe operation and maintenance. Each device is tested and calibrated in the Aquael laboratory. A very convenient solution is to indicate by the LED display the water temperature in the tank programmed by the aquarist and the current temperature. Flow Heater operates with an accuracy of ± 0.9 °F [0.5 °C] in the range from 68 to 91 °F [20 to 33 °C]. It is easy to use thanks to the One Touch system, which allows you to change the operating temperature with the touch of a button.  

Freedom of arrangement 

Flow Heater is mounted outside the aquarium, so it does not take up space inside and gives more freedom of arrangement. The location of the heater on the outlet hose of the external filter also allows for even distribution of heated water throughout the tank. 


The heater is available in 2 models 300 and 500 W, designed for different tank sizes.  It can be used on hoses with a diameter of 16/22 mm or 19/25mm. Ideally suited to both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. 


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