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FoOlee Easee DOG: The only general cleaning brush * for the care of her dog.

Uniquely designed, its patented composite comb eliminates the risk of skin and coat damage while ensuring maximum performance.

The FoOlee Easee Cat is a customizable brush that can be evolved in one step to provide a brushing experience tailored to each animal's specific coat type:

- 3-position brushing with a button to eject dead hair.

- Adapts to all coat types: short, medium, long, curly, thick, thin ...

- Brushing even on sensitive skin and fragile coats

- Double-sided and interchangeable combs

- White comb = soft brushing

- Black comb = intensive brushing.

* The action of removing dead hair from animal fur, better ventilates the coat.

But isn't the metal comb more effective?

-Actually, the metal comb seems more effective because it visually has a greater volume of removals.

But CAUTION! The metal comb cuts and pulls hairs without distinguishing healthy hairs or dead hairs.

If used without care and too often the pet can be injured and have holes in the coat

The Easee brush's patented combing composite material is soft while being very strong.

It will remove dead hair just as effectively without ever tearing or cutting the skin or healthy hair.

The composite, what is it?

-The Easee Composite Comb is made up of an innovative synthetic material.

Unlike the metal comb, its design ensures a smooth surface with no knobs to which fur can cling. In addition, this anti-static and hypoallergenic material adapts perfectly to even the most sensitive skin.

What is the difference between white and black combs?

The white "Soft grooming" comb has very flexible teeth. It is ideal for daily brushing and for delicate skin.

The black comb "Intense grooming" is more rigid to ensure effective work even during rotation or fur with dirt.

How many times a week can I brush my pet?

You can use it daily without risk. You will see her pet claim this moment of privileged sharing with her!




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