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MOONLIGHT LED is a night aquarium light. It takes the form of a small round unit equipped with four blue LED diodes with a total power of only 1.0 W. It can be installed both in and out of the water. Installation of the light is made easy thanks to the double suspension system consisting of a strong suction cup and magnetic hanger.

The light can be safely submerged in fresh or salt water. The 5 V technology on which the device is produced ensures absolute safety for both the animals living in the tank and their owner. The intense blue light emitted by the MOONLIGHT LED illuminates the inside of the tank and perfectly imitates the natural moonlight. It ensures perfect feeding conditions for nocturnal animals.

It has also been experimentally proven that applying this type of lighting can stimulate the reproduction of so-called "problem" fish species that tend to be reluctant to spawn in the aquarium.

MOONLIGHT LED is also ideal for small marine tanks with corals as radial lighting. It enhances the fluorescent effect of the corals and makes them look more attractive. The double hanger makes it easy to install the lamp anywhere, both on the tank glass and on the cover or other aquarium equipment. MOONLIGHT LED can also be successfully used for non-aquarium-related purposes, e.g. for lighting small indoor spaces.

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