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Malawi flakes are multi-component food for Malawi cichlids of the mbuna group.

Multi-component flakes with high content of plant material (spinach, nettle, spirulina, wheat germs etc.). They are intended for daily feeding of Malawi cichlids of the mbuna group. Proper functioning of the long intestine of cichlids is ensured by a significant amount of fiber, which protects the fish against constipation and dangerous inflammatory disorders of the digestive tract. Digestion is also facilitated by active substances such as spirulina and stinging nettle. Green peas are a source of easily digestible vegetable protein. Unsaturated fatty acids are responsible for maintaining a healthy skin and wheat germs enhance the protective barrier. The addition of L-carnitine facilitates fat metabolism, providing additional energy and reducing the risk of fat degeneration.

It has excellent palatability that feeds even the most difficult fish even those caught from the wild. A diversified Malawi formula which is fed regularly ensures excellent condition of the fish, guarantees wonderful coloration and encourages reproduction.

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