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Even though we love them, cats sometimes make us nervous. Like when they start all-day meowing, or worse, in the middle of the night, waking the family. And this can go on for hours! To the point that it turns into a nightmare for their owners. This product looks like a flashlight, But unlike a conventional lamp, it emits ultrasound at a frequency specifically designed to reduce meows. In addition, by activating the ultrasounds, a light flashes with the result: the ultrasounds combined with the light act effectively on the cat's behavior. At first it will be surprised and stop meowing, then annoyed by these unpleasant ultrasounds it will escape.

It emits ultrasounds

Easy to use with only 2 buttons

Torch light function

Range: 6 meters

No usual ultrasounds, thanks to swell frequency technology (SFT)

Power: 1 * 9 V battery

2 years warranty

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