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Multipla Hamster Habitats, dedicated to hamsters and mice, offer a living space equipped with all amenities and a wide range of customization possibilities. All the cages belonging to the range are in fact completely modular, adapted to your and your pet's needs. Thanks to the additional expansion kits, you can decide how to compose your favourite set and thus increase the available space for the little rodent.

The Multipla Hamster model is fully equipped with house, bowl, watering trough, wheel, ladder to access the upper floor. The design of these rodent cages, patented by Ferplast, is substantial and functional: the transparent plastic walls allow a full view of the animal inside. The high base is spacious and can be filled with sawdust in which hamsters and mice love to dig and hide.

All habitats in the range are equipped with a roof that opens completely for easy access and are ready to connect to other accessories and rodent housing units for endless possibilities.

The Multipla Hamster is simple to assemble: simply connect the panels and plastic parts using the special interlocking systems and connectors, without the need for special tools.

Optional extensions include the base extension, which can be added to both the bottom of the cage and the top to create a second floor, and the roof extension, which only applies to the top to build a small attic for your pet.

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