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NATURAL are collars for dogs made of genuine leather, classic and refined. The leather is used to create a product elegant in its simplicity and at the same time very durable: in fact, this collar effectively withstands the pressures from the animal.

The attention to details and finishes, such as strong stitching, are accompanied by the beauty of the chrome metal buckle, which also provides an effective and secure closure. Available in two colors, natural leather and black for those who want a touch more aggressive and decisive. Thanks to the perforations on the surface, it is easy to wear and adjust.

To fit all sizes, 8 sizes are provided, with a circumference ranging from a minimum of 22 to a maximum of 69 cm and a mesh width between 10 and 40 mm.



C 10\27

Π:1cm  Μ: 22-27cm

C 15/35

Π:1.5cm  Μ: 27-35cm

C 20/43

Π:2cm  Μ: 35-43cm

C 25/45

Π:2.5cm  Μ: 37-45cm

C 25/53

Π:2.5cm  Μ: 45-53cm

C 30/55

Π:3cm  Μ: 47-55cm

C 40/63

Π:4cm  Μ: 55-63cm

C 40/69

Π:4cm  Μ: 61-69cm

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