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Litres per hour

Suitable for aquarium

Maximum height



400 λίτρα

έως 120 λίτρα

1.5m max head  



AQUAEL PAT MINI is a miniature filter intended for use in small freshwater aquariums.

It has an output of 400 l/h, for a medium sized aquarium but with the possibility to reduce the flow rate for installation in smaller aquariums. Despite its high performance, the filter consumes 4W or less. In addition, the filter is equipped with a directional nozzle which can be used to control the water flow and an aeration tube connected to the outlet nozzle which ensures efficient oxygenation of the water. The sponge provided with the PAT MINI filter can trap even the smallest impurities, realizing efficient mechanical filtration of the water without the risk of sucking in juvenile fish or shrimps. The PAT MINI filter is compatible with the AQUAEL sprayer and the AQUAEL MINI UV water sterilizer.

Spare sponge media can be purchased separately.

They are available either in the standard version or in the CARBOMAX and PHOSMAX versions.

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