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An active pet is a happy pet! The dog and cat toys in the Clever & Happy range are designed by Ferplast to stimulate your furry friend's curiosity and develop his dexterity, ensuring he gets the physical and mental exercise that will keep him in good health and help him through any moments of boredom. Have fun creating a real playground for your dog and cat by combining the different toys: this range offers a wide variety of toys!

FERPLAST's POKER is a fun interactive game for dogs and cats that promotes physical and mental exercise, stimulating your pet's predatory instinct. They are forced to eat more slowly. Simply insert some dry food into the special holes and close them with the sliding covers: your furry friend will be able to open them, moving them with his paws to find a nice, tasty treat! This toy is made of durable plastic and has non-slip rubber pads on the bottom

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