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Light representing the sun.
It gives vitamins and heat.

Product description
The new sunlight eco series has approximately 30% less energy consumption than conventional lamps, while maintaining essentially the same light intensity. It perfectly combines heat and light emission, while imitating sunlight with a 4-colour light spectrum. It emits UV-A, a component that stimulates the natural behaviour of animals and encourages them to enjoy the warm light.
Benefits of Sunlight Eco:
- Combination of heat and light integrated into a single lamp to meet the needs of animals
- Energy savings of 30% compared to others
30% energy savings compared to other conventional lamps
- Ultraviolet A radiation, stimulates the natural
behavior of animals
- Mimics natural sunlight to promote
animal welfare
- Allows animals to regulate their heat, such as
in their natural environment
- Enhances colour through a full spectrum of light 4
- Long life of approximately 2,000 hours of operation
Colour temperature 2636 Kelvin
Color rendering 87.3 Ra
Luminous flux lm 223.59

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