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Tommy's are robust and compact rabbit and guinea pig cages, made with quality materials that guarantee comfort, safety and ease of maintenance. They have a painted metal mesh structure with a hinged roof equipped with fastening clips for maximum security. They are equipped with a large plastic base with removable trays for quick maintenance. In addition, mounted on the bottom, a plastic mesh will ensure hygiene and cleanliness by preventing the animal from coming into contact with urine, feces or dirt, thus keeping its feet clean and dry.

On the side of the cage, you will find a convenient ladder (also acts as a side closure) that allows your pet to come and go independently to move freely around the house.

Tommy's are equipped with accessories such as a hay feeder and waterer.

In addition, it is possible to apply the Metrò universal connection system (tunnel, accessories and small house) to the cage, thus extending the space available to your friend: have fun creating many new paths encouraging exercise and moments of leisure!

Note: The tunnel can be attached to the side of the habitat by removing the door and must be fixed with the appropriate clips. Tommy's are ecologically sustainable products: in fact they are produced with recycled materials to protect the environment in which we live with our pets.

Important Note: Assembly Required.

To ensure safe delivery and prevent damages during transit, some of our pet products, including cages, dog houses, and cat scratching trees are not sent pre-assembled. When you receive your order, you will find the items carefully dismantled. Our customer support team is available to assist you with any questions during the assembly process.







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