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AXOLOTL STICKS food for axolotls and other aquatic amphibians. Special food with high protein content in the form of dipping sticks. Suitable for axolotls, Iberian Ribbed newt, African clawed frogs and other aquatic amphibians feeding on animal matter.

The variety of animal-derived ingredients, including fish, molluscs and crustaceans, is the source of high quality easily digestible protein. Thanks to the optimally balanced composition of vitamins and trace elements, regular feeding with AXOLOTL STICKS ensures proper growth in amphibians and the addition of astaxanthin and pepper extract intensifies their colouration.

The feed is also enriched with a natural immunostimulant - beta-glucan, which improves the immune system of the amphibians, facilitating the processes of
recovery in amphibians that have been bitten by other tank inhabitants.

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