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The Brave dog harness guarantees maximum protection and reliability during outings with your four-legged friend! Made of sturdy and resistant material, this anti-panic dog harness features six adjustable closure points and three belts that wrap around the pet's chest, neck and belly. This innovative design prevents the dog from slipping off the harness and running away, ensuring greater stability and safety, even in moments of great agitation. The dog will remain safe by your side, it will be easier to keep them under control in situations that could cause anxiety and stress, such as when meeting other dogs.

The harness guarantees an excellent fit, adapts to the size of your pet thank to the comfortable adjustable strap, and is completed with sturdy plastic snap clip closures. It evenly distributes traction on the dog's back without affecting the neck, guaranteeing maximum comfort in any situation. It is also ideal for whippet dogs.

Furthermore, thanks to the removable abdominal belt, Brave is very versatile as it can also be used as a normal four-point harness, perfect for relaxing outings with your friend.

Brave adjustable harnesses are available in different sizes and colours, ideal for animals of all sizes. For small dogs, we recommend the Small model, for medium-sized dogs the Medium model is indicated, and for large dogs the Large model.



A: 27-40cm B: 31-50cm C: 28-46cm    L:16.5x24cm


A: 38-58cm B: 44-74cm C: 38-60cm L:20x32cm


A: 54-86cm B: 58-102cm C: 51-86cm L:23x39cm


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