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LARGE / LONG:2m – WIDTH: Ø1.5cm

KONG Adjustable Rope Dog Leashes are incredibly easy to use multi-functional and multi-length dog leashes. Easily adaptable to three different lengths, so you and your dog can
adapt to different walking environments. You can also use it as a hands-free, 2-dog leash, double-ended training leash or temporary tether.

This innovative adjustable dog leash can easily be made long or short according to your needs. Simply attach the clip to any of the metal rings to adjust the length of the leash.

Leave it at the longest point to give your dog extra freedom or
use the furthest D-ring to create a shorter walking leash, perfect for giving you tighter control in busy areas.

It can also be used for temporary tethering or as a hands-free leash. To use it hands-free, simply use the extra D-ring to make a loop that you can wear around your body. The attachment/coupling ring can also be used to walk two dogs.

Since this is a double-ended leash, it can also be used for training without traction in combination with a double D-ring dog leash. It can be combined with any double D-ring dog leash for dogs to keep you in control when walking your dog with a collar.

Made of reinforced and flexible nylon rope with strong metal hardware you can rely on.

Reflective accent threads throughout the length help with visibility in low light.

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