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These products are perfect for doggies who are not fans of traditional washing methods. Easy to use, it simplifies bathing days, simply pour the foam into your hand or directly onto your dog's coat and work on the fur using your fingertips or your favorite Bugalugs brush.

The rinse-free formula is very gentle, but effective. It is pH balanced, vegan, paraben free and has been tested on humans, never on animals. Ideal for travel, this product is a must for dogs and their owners with active lifestyle or for those dogs who dislike traditional water-based washing methods.

  • Bugalugs No Rinse Papaya & Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner really helps to remove those stubborn stains from your dog's coat, instantly cleans and refreshes your dog's coat without the use of water. It can be used to freshen and revitalize the hair and coat without using water.used on all breeds over 8 weeks of age. Can be combined with the Papaya & Coconut cologne for in-between washes.
  • The Bugalugs No Rinse Baby Fresh Shampoo instantly cleans and refreshes your dog's coat without the use of water, guaranteed to leave your dog's coat soft, shiny and smelling great all day long with the popular baby curl scent.
  • The Bugalugs No Rinse Oatmeal Shampoo is very gentle, yet effective and the oatmeal works well on sensitive skin.
  • The Bugalugs No Rinse Lavender & Chamomile Shampoo has calming properties, this helps calm dogs who tend to get stressed or overstimulated
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