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Dimensions: 37x37x128cm

To maintain their nails and define their territory, cats need a high-quality scratcher. Sisal is a strong, natural fiber that the cat uses to help remove the flaky top layer of its nails. This stops the growth of nails. Because of this, every cat needs a scratching post! The Dutch design for the EBI Cat Tree, called "Kobe," was influenced by the Japanese Zen idea. This pole's design evokes serenity and minimalism. Thus, this pole's smooth inside fabric covering blends nicely with any interior. For a very comfortable night's sleep, this pole has a high-positioned corner cave with a teddy-fur cushion. We've built two platforms above the cave so the cat can satisfy his urge to climb and select the ideal position for a lookout. Foam is present in both layers below the inside cloth. This will turn this pole into your cat's preferred hangout. Additionally entertaining is the toy on a spring.

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