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Fountain specially designed for small and medium-sized pets, spring water bubbling function, multiple water purification, so pets love to drink water.

  • Sensor that stops the pump from working when there is low water to prevent its destruction.
  • Its construction does not allow water leaks when you lift it.
  • The container is transparent to get a good view of the water level.
  • The water pump operates wirelessly with electromagnetism making maintenance a breeze.
  • Triple cleaning filter for crystal clear water. (cotton wool for hair and dirt removal, active coconut charcoal to remove chemicals - bleach and odors, resin to remove metal ion and softens water)
  • Easy topping up of water by removing the lid glibly.
  • Very low operating sound.
  • With the gushing function oxidizes the water making it more fresh and tasty.
  • Contains 12 prefilters for the water pump.

Stagnant water develops odours, bad bacteria and bad taste forcing animals to drink

Less water, this develops into kidney stone growth and health problems in your pet. 

With LIFETAIL fountains avoid all this by offering your pet long-term healthy life.

Product parameters
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 0.62kg
  • Capacity: 2.5L
  • Size: 210*180*153mm
  • Rated voltage:5V/2A,5W
  • Pumps:Wireless pumps


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