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DOG: 25-44KG / 3pcs (SIZE: 17x Ø2.5cm)

  • Delicious dog treats made from seaweed, free of artificial colouring and preservatives.
  • Made in Italy by Ferplast. Due mainly to their shape and consistency, the
  • chewing treats help to reduce tartar formation and therefore counteract the production of tartar. It is accompanied by a lid that can be removed by bending it slightly, 
  • revealing a hollow section that can be filled and closed. The holes in the lid and the hollow body allow the aroma of the filling to escape, making the treat functional and/or irresistible
  • Additional functions for each flavor,
  • With Ascophillum nodosum algae: Cool breath
  • MELISSA OFFICINALIS: Calming, relaxing and stress-relieving. Suitable before the visit to the vet.
  • With Yucca: reduce the odor of feces
  • With Euglena gracilis: improves oral hygiene and protects the immune system
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