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Sport Dog collars fit perfectly and are soft and comfortable. They are made of nylon and have a particularly sporty design with thick, soft padding in fluorescent colours around the entire circumference. The fluorescent stitching is very useful, as it makes it easy to see during walks in the evening or at night.

Sport Dog collars are easy to put on and are suitable for your four-legged friend, whatever his size. Their fastening system entails a plastic clasp, which is effective and safe. They are ideal for dogs of all sizes, as they can be extended by up to 10 cm. All the collars also have a useful tag on which you can write your furry friend's name or home address.
Sport Dog collars are available in different sizes: as well as the width of the collar (15, 20 or 25 mm), the models have different collar circumferences (from minimum 25 to maximum 65 cm).

The Sport Dog range also includes harnesses and leads, perfect for sporty owners who also take an interest in current trends. The Norvegian-type harnesses are robust but comfortable and have a useful handle making it easy to control your dog. Sport Dog leads have a strong automatic hook that combines maximum safety and ease of use, making it really simple to fasten it to or unfasten it from it from the collar or harness, thanks to its special magnetic mechanism.

C 15/35 / Collar length: 25-35cm x Collar thickness: 1.5cm

C 20/43 / Collar length: 33-43cm x Collar thickness: 2cm

C 25/45 / Collar length: 35-45cm x Collar thickness: 2.5cm

C 25/55 / Collar length: 45-55cm x Collar thickness: 2.5cm

C 25/65 / Collar length: 55-65cm x Collar thickness: 2.5cm

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