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Another Hikari® first, this time a stick that resembles a blood worm and provides exceptional nourishment and color-enhancing abilities. This specially developed meal is a fantastic addition to any regular feeding schedule because it supports both growth and the immune system.

Amazing Color Boosting Effect

  • Scientifically formulated nutrient mixture and carefully chosen color-enhancing additives work together to bring out your fish's brilliant colors quickly!

A Stick Like A Worm With A Purpose

  • We created a special stick that effortlessly flowed with the current and traveled slowly and erratically through the water column like live food.

A Safer Alternative to Live Food

  • Live worms simply cannot receive the nourishment provided by the formulation's exceptional balance, and there are no parasite or bacterial hazards.

Outstanding Taste is Provided by Special Ingredients

  • Mealworms and other appetizing components have been carefully chosen to make this a wonderful offering that most tropical fish bite right away.
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